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Where does the name Kreupelbosch come from?

Where does the name Kreupelbosch come from?

Have you ever wondered where the name #Kreupelbosch came from? Here is an excerpt from a piece written in the Bulletin many years ago by Hilary Mauve.

Where did “Kreupelbosch” get its name from?

The name “Kreupelbosch” refers to the yellow pincushion, Leucospermum conocarpodendron, which grew abundantly in the Cape Peninsula. It means, literally, “gnarled thicket”, a good description of the manner in which it flourished. As far back as the Dutch East India company days, theKreupelbosch provided one of the major sources of fuel at the Cape. The wood was converted to charcoal and used extensively for cooking. This is probably why today there is little sign of this formerly plentiful pincushion.
Has anyone in the area seen any traces of this yellow pincushion?

Taken from The Constantiaberg Bulletin in March 1982 from “Our Past” by Hilary Mauve

Know your Zoning Information

Know your Zoning Information

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As a true area specialist for the Bergvliet / Meadowridge and Kreupelbosch areas, Cecily Madison can provide you with a lot more than just a current market valuation.

Cecily can provide you with information for further development of your property.  Like all Chas Everitt Cape Town South agents Cecily is required to keep totally up to date with market and municipal trends and regulations for the area and is able to provide property owners with a free report on their zoning, and what this zoning means.

Zoning can materially affect the value of your property!  You should know what your zoning is and why it may add value to your property.

It does not matter if you are not yet planning to sell your property.  If you are looking for any real estate advice, Cecily is more than happy and well qualified to provide ‘BMK’ property owners with reliable answers.  Cecily has a support team that includes property attorneys, land surveyors and architects, so if Cecily does not know the answer to your question, reliable information can be sourced quickly and efficiently.

For more details on what marketing services Cecily Madison can offer you, click here!


Spring Promotion

Spring Promotion

It is nearly Spring, and if you are thinking of selling it is certainly an excellent time to do so!  To make things even more special, Cecily Madison at Chas Everitt has an awesome package deal for Bergvliet / Meadowridge / Kreupelbosch sellers that includes 360-degree video which will be shot by our professional photographer in addition to a professional floor plan.

The combination of the floor plan and the 360-degree video means that after a visit by the marketing team we can market your property to a point where it is actually feasible to get an offer to purchase subject to viewing.  While we are not discounting traditional viewing and marketing, we are certainly rapidly moving into a scenario where the degree to which buyers can certainly shortlist properties to view, using such technology.

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These marketing advantages can save buyers a lot of time, but it also saves time and inconvenience for sellers and of course for tenants who are often not as accommodating for property viewings.

Not only is there no extra cost for this service, talk to us about our September Spring Promotion and you can actually pay less!  We always provide an in-depth ‘Review’ for your area highlighting all activity in the last twelve months to make sure you are fully informed on pricing and market issues.

For the full details of all marketing benefits * that we are offering our mandated properties click here.

If you are thinking of selling Spring is always a good time for Southern Suburbs property so call Cecily Madison for a no obligation valuation now, on 086 207 9035

Security Workshop for Domestic Workers

Security Workshop for Domestic Workers

ADT have very kindly offered to hold a security workshop for our domestic workers on TUESDAY 16th August at 11:30 in the hall of Bergvliet Sports Club Childrens Way.

This workshop is very informative and interesting, offering advice and security tips for travelling to and from the workplace, for example not discussing where they work or what they do when in taxis, busses or trains, as you never know who is listening.

A brief overview of how the alarm system and panic buttons work, the importance of keeping the doors locked and being aware of what and who is around you ie details of clothing and description of vehicles and licence plate numbers.

This 2 hour (approximately) workshop is free of charge and teas and biscuits will be provided.
Please call BKM office 021 715 5557 or email to book your place.

This community notice brought to you by Cecily MadisonChas Everitt Bergvliet and Meadowridge