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Greater Bergvliet

Bergvliet / Meadowridge / Diep River

Bergvliet is a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. Bergvliet means “small mountain stream” in Afrikaans Greater Bergvliet, includes Meadowridge, Kreupelbosch and is home to three fine schools: Bergvliet High School, Bergvliet Primary School, and Sweet Valley Primary School. All three of these schools were built in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Bergvliet was formerly a large farm owned by Simon van der Stel.

The original farmhouse of Cape Dutch design still stands on a large property on the Western border of Bergvliet. The Bergvliet Farm, as it is known, is a very beautiful place with a small natural pond which is also a tiny bird sanctuary. The farm is also a favorite dog walking and running location. The original farm was made into a residential suburb for returning South African servicemen from World War II. Next door to Bergvliet, Meadowridge in a way borrows a little from all its neighbouring suburbs, but has developed a personality of its own. Meadowridge is a leafy suburb with plenty of open spaces and parks and several great views of the Constantiaberg Mountains. The lifestyle here is sedate and easygoing.

Leafy streets are lined with comfortable, established properties with beautiful well maintained gardens and views across the valley to the Eastern slopes of Table Mountain. Bergvliet is a sound option and certainly a lifestyle choice for generations. For families keen to remain in a suburb while their children are educated, this area makes perfect sense. While housing prices have significantly risen the lure of accessing top schools in the area or in the areas flanked by Bergvliet is certainly a serious consideration. A peaceful country-like atmosphere, far from the touristy Cape, makes Bergvliet a top choice among homeowners who want to access the buzz but at the end of the day return to their private enclave and a more sedate lifestyle. Quick access to beaches and the City are a breeze and the surrounding infrastructure from top shopping centres, the rail link afford a un-fussed option to those wishing to commute no further than an approximate 10km radius. Everything is on tap, nearby and community spirited. Sporting facilities, parks, an open air theater, galleries, office parks, bird sanctuary, forest walks, markets and fine dining all make up a wonderful package that will entice those keen in putting down roots in an established suburb.”  – Cape Property Guide