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Art is alive and well in Bergvliet and the Southern Suburbs

Paintings by Bergvliet Artist – Wyn Rossouw

478--For-Love-of-Poppies          481-Daisies-from-Silvana

I am sure that you have heard good luck stories of people who came across a painting in the attic and later found it was worth a lot of money.Or like someone who bought a David Hockney which later paid for his house or the Pierneef, bought 25 years ago, which on being sold in 2011 provided a better return than the Johannesburg stock exchange over this period.People buy art for a number of reasons, including: the intrinsic appeal of the work, as an investment and for status reasons. A recent survey showed that almost 50% of wealthy people own art and art today makes up 4% of their total wealth.The world art market in 2011 was worth US$ 60 billion, with China ( 30%) taking over from the  USA (29%)  as the leading buyer. Not surprisingly South  African art is also  in great demand and art sales fare well at  local as well as overseas Christies and Bonham auctions.The local art market is worth in excess of R350 million per annum. From 2 October to 20 October 2013  The South African Society of Artists will showcase the work of 110 artists, carefully selected by a panel of experts, at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens with  Bergvliet and Southern Suburbs artists making up a significant proportion of the exhibitors.   Robert Slingsby,contemporary activist artist, will open the exhibition.

Sources: The art of investing in art by Kyle Sommer- The citadel art index.