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Cecily Madison – 16th Anniversary


Not only is it Cecily Madison’s 16th year in real estate, it is 16 years with Chas Everitt Cape Town South, and 16 years in the same area, servicing the community in Bergvliet, Meadowridge and Kreupelbosch.

With multiple awards and certificates for consistently good sales performance it is above all else, the recognition for a record of exceptional service that matters most to Cecily.  True to form and reputation Cecily received this all important award for the entire Western Cape Region, once again for 2021.

A special message from Sally Gracie MD for Chas Everitt Cape Town South:

“Dear Cecily, what a privilege it has been to work with you for many years, but not as many as all those where you have so well represented our brand in the greater Bergvliet area.  You are indeed a rock in the business, inspiring so many new agents with a long term approach to real career building, representing the type of permanence that is so rarely seen in real estate and so valuable to those who are buying and selling, renting or letting.  Your service driven attitude and your mantra #NoShortCuts is truly inspirational to all of us.

Congratulations on these 15 years in real estate – an industry where in a room of a thousand agents there will only be a handful that can claim that length of service and far fewer again who have been with one brand. We salute you and we also quote John Cooper, the former Chas Everitt agent in St Francis Bay who called us just over 15 years ago and said,  Cecily will be a legend!”

Congratulations Cecily!
Thank you for your valued and loyal service not only to Chas Everitt but to everyone in Bergvliet Meadowridge and Kreupelbosch!