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Kreupelbosch Cellphone Mast


The Dutch Reformed Church in Kreupelbosch (opposite the Ladies Mile circle) in terms of the new Cape Town Zoning Scheme, is allowed to install a cellphone mast (rooftop base telecommunications station) on their property, without public participation. Th church has entered into an agreement with Vodacom to install “3 panel antennae” on the church steeple. This may come as good news for some and a concern to others with “well documented health risks to your family and pets and perceived devaluation of your property” according to one notice we at received by email.   Those that are concerned may wish to address their concerns in writing to the Church tel : 021 712 1682 or fax : 086 238 7092.  You are also asked to please send a copy to : or deliver to 7 Olive Schreiner Way.  it has been pointed out that the Bergvliet Meadowridge Ratepayers Association does not support the installation of this cell mast without local public consultation.  More reading on this topic.
Please take part in our online opinion poll on ; Do you support the installation of the cellphone masts without public participation?