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Where does the name Kreupelbosch come from?

Have you ever wondered where the name #Kreupelbosch came from? Here is an excerpt from a piece written in the Bulletin many years ago by Hilary Mauve.

Where did “Kreupelbosch” get its name from?

The name “Kreupelbosch” refers to the yellow pincushion, Leucospermum conocarpodendron, which grew abundantly in the Cape Peninsula. It means, literally, “gnarled thicket”, a good description of the manner in which it flourished. As far back as the Dutch East India company days, theKreupelbosch provided one of the major sources of fuel at the Cape. The wood was converted to charcoal and used extensively for cooking. This is probably why today there is little sign of this formerly plentiful pincushion.
Has anyone in the area seen any traces of this yellow pincushion?

Taken from The Constantiaberg Bulletin in March 1982 from “Our Past” by Hilary Mauve