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Scarcity factor pushing up prices in Bergvliet and surrounds

house price increaseIn the last twelve months, sales of eleven houses in Bergvliet, Meadowridge and Kreupelbosch have exceeded R3 million; the highest prices being 9 van Zyl Road for R3.5 million, 11 Purcell Way for  R3.8 million in Kreupelbosch, and  R3.4 million for 53 Starke Road and R3.45 million for 7 Lewis Drive  in Bergvliet.
With property scarcity at an unprecedented level and many qualified buyers, winter is good time to sell.
Cecily Madison and John Pistorius, Chas Everitt Agents, in addition to comparative valuation methods,in view of market conditions, now factor in a scarcity  index, to arrive at a realistic current market value.