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Specialised assistance for divorced people

PropertyCecily Madison and John Pistorius, who work in Bergvliet, Meadowridge, and Kreupelbosch, have between them many years’ experience in a wide range of property related matters, and are therefore well qualified to assist people undergoing these dramatic changes in their lives.

People going through divorce need assistance, firstly in selling their property for the best possible price, as invariably the proceeds are shared, and then they face the problem of acquiring another property, with dwindling financial resources. This is where we can assist.

Selling the Property– we offer a special deal to people in this category, which apart from our highly professional approach to selling property, includes a discounted commission rate and no charge for certification (beetle, electrical, plumbing, gas), excluding the cost of repairs.

• Specialized free after sales service – which includes:

Assistance in finding another property

Legal advice in completing the Offer to Purchase

negotiating the best price for the property

As a well-established real estate company we are familiar with a wide range of purchasing options in various areas, including: developments, sectional title flats, and existing properties. For example we recently helped someone buy into a development, without having to pay transfer duty, negotiated a good price and corrected aspects of the specification of finishes, as well as finalizing the building contract. We are able to provide references to confirm the high standard of our service.

Please feel free to call us with no obligation


Cecily Madison – 082 785 3956 /

John Pistorius – 082 920 5320 /