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Subdivide and Profit

randsOne of the best ways to enhance the value of a residential property is to create a “double dwelling” where the Owner gets permission from the neighbours and the council, to divide the house in half and then apply for subdivision.

It is a relatively simple process provided there are no insurmountable restrictive conditions.  Minor restrictions can usually be removed, albeit this can take about six months. If the house is valued at say three million the two units could be worth say two million each and this gives the owner a good profit after the costs involved. This also has benefit for a family that may want dual living and a way of owners reducing their exposure and eliminating a bond on the remaining section.  Our agents in the Bergvliet and Meadowridge areas John Pistorius and Cecily Madison would be happy to advise any interested parties on the feasibility for their own property and how to do this.  John Pistorius has considerable experience in developing residential double dwellings.  Contact John on 021 712 7002.