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Variable compound growth rates in Bergvliet

Bergvliet-Property-EvaluationEstate Agents normally value a property, using different reports and comparing like properties, to arrive at what a willing Buyer is likely to pay a willing Seller in todays market. We are not referring to standard or average growth rates as shown in some reports, which do not reflect what is happening in a particular market. We know that in the Bergvliet market while the national average growth rate, as shown by FNB, is say 8% at present, that the growth rate in Bergvliet is higher; as high as 12% year on year. That’s not all because the growth rate, at present, will differ in different parts of Bergvliet. For example the closer one gets to the Sweet Valley catchment area, the higher the growth rate will be, due to demand, than in other parts. Therefore if one is valuing a property closer to the Main Road, the compounded interest figure one would use would be say 8%, while in the Pekalmy area this figure would be say 12% or even higher depending on the property.The base figure for which the property was bought is also a good base; this is what a willing Buyer paid a willing Seller at that time. These calculations are a good way of checking the other property valuation methods used to a arrive at realistic, accurate value for the property.

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