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Why Buy in Bergvliet?

Bergvliet3There are a number of important reasons why the garden suburb of Bergvliet, 25 kms from Cape Town, situated in the Southern Suburbs between Meadowridge and Kreupelbosch, and framed to the North by the Constantiaberg range of mountains, is a highly  sought after destination for would be purchasers:

Value for money is probably the overriding reason why many younger professional buyers, ‘downscalers’ from other more expensive areas and investors look to Bergvliet. Prices range from an entry-level of R2m to now an upper price of say R4.6m. These are generally family style homes of various sizes but there are also a number of security complexes and flats which provide different purchasing options. Significantly, similar style homes, when compared with other areas, reflect  prices which, on average, are say 30% lower. People who have therefore sold  in Constantia, one of the chief ‘downscale’ areas, find they save a considerable amount by relocating  to Bergvliet.

  • The other main category of Bergvliet buyers,  younger, generally professional people, usually with families, find that by “upscaling” to Bergvliet, they can buy a home for considerably less than in other higher income suburbs. They are getting a good deal.
  • Schools are also a strong attraction and these include the well-known Sweet Valley Primary School, together with Bergvliet Primary, Westcot Primary and Bergvliet High School, which now has close on 1000 pupils and are known for their good reputation.
  • The area is also well served by shopping centres, which include Meadowridge Park ‘n Shop, Constantia Shopping Centre, and the newly refurbished, state of the art, Blue Route complex.
  • Bergvliet has easy access to major highways and, in out of peak traffic, is approximately 30mins from the city centre.
  • A number of wine estates, like Groot Constantia, Eagles Nest, Steenberg, are within easy reach.
  • There are many popular restaurants and coffee shops in the area and the local library is a strong attraction.
  • A highly effective community security organisation provides 24 hour patrolling and emergency service to residents
  • The numerous parks and “Die Oog” bird sanctuary are an attractive and safe recreational facility for children and families.
  • Overall, Bergvliet is a most congenial, relaxed, residential suburb, with well treed, safe roads, attractive homes and an enviable community ethos.

Contact the Bergvliet, Meadowridge and Kreupelbosch property specialist, Cecily Madison on 082 785 3956 for any property queries for Bergvliet.