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Highest Price in Bergvliet of Much Interest

News of the recent sale for R4,63mill  by Cecily Madison from Chas Everitt International Constantiaberg in Bergvliet is causing quite a stir in the market. With the Constantiaberg market bucking the price rise

Top House Price Achieved in Bergvliet

The leafy, family-friendly suburb of Bergvliet, has just achieved the highest property price in the greater Bergvliet area of Constantiaberg, namely Bergvliet, Meadowridge and Kreupelbosch. Cecily Madison and John Pistorius of Chas Everitt

Bergvliet Property Market is Waking Up

“The Greater Bergvliet market is slowly awakening from its winter slumber” say Cecily Madison and John Pistorius, property specialists for the Bergvliet, Meadowridge and Kreupelbosch areas. In their opinion whilst this year the

Specialised assistance for divorced people

Cecily Madison and John Pistorius, who work in Bergvliet, Meadowridge, and Kreupelbosch, have between them many years’ experience in a wide range of property related matters, and are therefore well qualified to assist

Scarcity factor pushing up prices in Bergvliet and surrounds

In the last twelve months, sales of eleven houses in Bergvliet, Meadowridge and Kreupelbosch have exceeded R3 million; the highest prices being 9 van Zyl Road for R3.5 million, 11 Purcell Way for

Bergvliet Properties are Beating Inflation!

Whilst the current growth of South African properties is 7 to 8% (Lightstone and FNB), 10.34% Gauteng (Lightstone) and the Western Cape is averaging 5.34%, allowing for lower coastal price increases (

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Apply value analysis when downscaling

Value analysis is important when you down scale a house with a limited budget. This term is better known in marketing when a company examines its product to determine the optimum

Support our Child Entrepreneurs

On the first Saturday of every month the BMC (Bergvliet Methodist Church) Family Market takes place from 9am – 1pm. A delightful family friendly shopping experience with beautiful unique arts,

Variable compound growth rates in Bergvliet

Estate Agents normally value a property, using different reports and comparing like properties, to arrive at what a willing Buyer is likely to pay a willing Seller in todays market.